The way I figure it

everyone gets a miracle.


Audrey Hepburn with Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank and his second wife Fritzi, Bürgenstock, Switzerland, 1957.

“Anne Frank and I were born in the same year, lived in the same country, experienced the same war, except she was locked up and I was on the outside. Reading her diary was like reading my own experiences from her point of view.  I was quite destroyed by it… It was in a different corner of Holland, but all the events I experienced were so incredibly accurately described by her—not just what was going on on the outside, but what was going on on the inside of a young girl starting to be a woman…all in a cage. She expressed the claustrophobia, but transcends it through her love of nature, her awareness of humanity and her love—real love—of life.” - Audrey Hepburn speaks about Anne Frank.

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